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Are you looking a personal loan broker  in Melbourne to manage your expenses? Contact At LTE Loans, we understand that there are some situations in your life when you need a little extra cash, like planning a wedding, going on a holiday, completing a home renovation or giving quality education to kids.


A personal loan is a short-term loan, often lasting between five and seven years, with interest rates that are frequently higher than those on mortgage brokers  but lower than those on credit cards. Also, because your credit risk and experience are taken into account, the approval process for personal loan often takes less time than getting a mortgage.

Applying a personal loan is an ideal choice for renovations, purchasing cars, boats, medical issues, going on a holiday, debt consolidation, weddings and more.

What We Cover

Types Of Personal Loans We Cover

No matter, what your lending needs are, personal loans offers a much relief by making your finances easy to handle. Our brokers specialise in getting the perfect loan offer for all types of personal loans, including:

In order to find personal loans that are reasonably priced and that allow you to accomplish your goals, we perform a thorough research by analysing various personal loan offers from over 30+ lenders in the industry.

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Why Rely On Our Personal Loan Brokers?

By giving you access to a wider selection of personal loan lenders, our qualified brokers at LTE Loans will help you avoid paying thousands of dollars in interest and fees when taking out a personal loan from your bank. Also, there are many lenders in the personal loan arena who solely engage with mortgage brokers because their fees is far lower than those of traditional banks and online lenders.

If you’re looking to apply for a personal loan, we can assist you in finding out:

Depending on your circumstances, subject to approval and lender requirements, we can help you secure a better loan offer with same day funding. Even if you have a history of defaults or poor credit, we can analyse the best alternatives you qualify for.

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